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Earthrise, Earthset on the Moon

posted by Tom Fasano   Apr 14, 2021

Seán Doran took several Earthrise & Earthset sequences filmed by Kaguya, remastered & upsampled them to 4K resolution, and stitched them together into this wonderful video, set to music by Jesse Gallagher.

Why Do Wes Anderson Movies Look Like That?

posted by Tom Fasano   Apr 14, 2021

Love it or hate it, we all know what Wes Anderson movies look like by now — the vibrant color palette, use of symmetry, lateral tracking shots, slow motion, etc. etc. In this video, Thomas Flight explores why Anderson uses these stylistic elements to tell affective and entertaining stories.

But what is at the core of those individual stylistic decisions? Why does Anderson choose those things? Why do all those things seem to form a very specific unified whole? And what function, if any, do they serve in telling the kinds of stories Wes wants to tell?

The sources for the video are listed in the description; one I particularly enjoyed was David Bordwell writing about planimetric composition. (via open culture)

November 23, 2020

Lately I've been listening to sacred music from the 15th and 16th centuries. I find it oddly comforting during these strange times.

The sacred music of Roland de Lassus I find oddly comforting for one who never attends church. https://t.co/PU1UgkOshN

— Tom Fasano (@ThomasFasano) November 23, 2020

November 21, 2020

I've been dealing with a horrible problem with tinnitus, a jackhammer ringing in my ears since May. It seems to have settled down somewhat, and I'm able to listen to music now without too much discomfort. Here's what I've been listening to on Qobuz this evening.

https://t.co/AFFtqvwrEj I've been listening to this all evening, delightful music.

— Tom Fasano (@ThomasFasano) November 22, 2020

Something else I've been working on is a classical music podcast. My first effort is an LP transfer of Mozart's Symphony No. 30, "The Prague"

Play Carl Nielsen's 1st symphony

Still doing my best to get my classical music site up and running. My hope is to have a site worth reading. I'm currently posting pages for FREE on Surge. ( That is one of the main reasons I did not upload this page as much as I wanted to... I have managed to make a handful of transfers, and I hope to post them in the following weeks. So keep your eye on this page!

In the mean time, I post an other item from the: http://www.europarchive.org It's the first symphony in g minor, played by the man who was Nielsen's student, orchestral member (cello), and friend; Thomas Jensen (1898 - 1963). It's also a tribute to the disappearance of the Decca label, who as of may 1st this year lost it's idependence, and is now a hollow entity within the UJC corporation.

Tom Fasano

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Charles-Valentin ALKAN (1813-1888) Symphony, Concerto - Paul Wee (piano) rec. 2017/2018 BIS BIS-2465 SACD [78:32] [JWe] Magnificent performances, recommended to anyone who enjoys superb pianism.

Wolfgang Amadeus MOZART (1756-1791) Piano Concertos Nos 20 & 21 - Jean-Efflam Bavouzet (piano) Manchester Camerata/Gábor Takács-Nagy rec. 2018 CHANDOS CHAN20083 [65:08] [RHa] This is rapidly becoming THE modern instrument cycle of choice.

Richard WAGNER (1813-1883) Tristan und Isolde - Stuart Skelton (tenor) Gun-Brit Barkmin (soprano) West Australian SO & Ch/Asher Fisch rec. 2018 ABC CLASSICS 4818518 [3 CDs: 222.01] [PCG] A very real contender to be one of the great recordings of Tristan und Isolde.

English Piano Trios Trio Anima Mundi rec. 2017 DIVINE ART DDA25158 [77:53] [JF] Each one of these five ‘trios’ is special and deserves our attention.

European Organ Music Colin Walsh (organ) rec. 2019 PRIORY PRCD1223 [77:55] [MR] Truly stupendous organ music, organ playing and organ sound.

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