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Presidents Day Off

Pomona College

What I love most about having the day off is the time spent with myself and my wife. This morning I got up and put on a pot of coffee. While the house was filling with the aroma of Peet’s Coffee, I got out the galleys of my grammar book, looking forward to some serious line editing. The three few cups of coffee helped with the proofing, intense work under the best of circumstances. Around noon Sandy and I had lunch together — a rarity — and then I spent the mid-afternoon walking around the Claremont Village and the campus of Pomona College. We’re in the midst of a drought here in California, so the weather was dry and warm, as it has been for many months, and people were strolling along, enjoying the weather — while the rest of the US freezes through a hard winter. A quick trip to Vons and I had everything I needed to make homemade chicken soup for dinner. Sandy’s been under the weather lately, and the chicken soup tasted great.

Aftermath of two accidents

Aftermath of Two Accidents from Thomas Fasano on Vimeo.

The morning commute was cloudy, and an SUV and a pickup truck banged into each other, choking up a stretch along Euclid Ave. in La Habra. Looks like someone was taken away in an ambulance — sad but not as tragic as the horrible head-on, wrong-way-driver crash on the 60 Sunday morning which took six lives. In the second part of this video, I was on the way home when I spotted two guys in the emergency lane of the 57 — not too far from Sunday’s deadly crash — arguing and about to fight.

The Claremont Trolley

No, the trolley doesn’t wind its way through the Claremont Village anymore.

But when it did back in 2009, it would motor along a one-mile route past apparel shops and gift boutiques, restaurants and bakeries and cafes, even the library, stopping to pick up passengers free of charge. It wasn’t exactly a streetcar — more like a bus — but it had an old-school charm that city leaders hoped would attract business and maybe add to the small-town atmosphere of tree-lined CLaremont.

Sadly, only after about six months, the trolley died an early death due to a lack of riders. I suppose some residents believed the trolley was a stupid novelty, but I thought it was kind of fun and definitely charming.