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Temecula vineyards are dying. I visited Temecula...

Temecula vineyards are dying.

I visited Temecula wine country yesterday and was shocked by how dead the vines looked. We haven’t had anything approaching a rainy day in Southern California since February, almost a year now. I have a theory that SoCal will look more like Phoenix in about twenty years. Which means the people who run the ski lifts up in the mountains might as well dismantle their equipment and sell it at auction. There won’t be enough snow to support the industry. A view outside my window shows no snow at all in the mountains, which should be white capped in January.

The weather service says there’s a chance of rain this Tuesday so we’ll keep our fingers crossed.

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Last night I had the pleasure of reading names at graduation. Before the ceremony I had fun hanging out with students. I never miss graduation because, except for a wedding, it is about the most life-affirming event one can attend — full of hope for the future in ways that few things are in life.



It was quite a surprise to see that the graduating senior class voted me as one of their two favorite teachers. I never buy a copy of the yearbook, but it’s always great to have one’s picture in it.


There was also a short write-up about me and my newfound artistic endeavor.