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Most critics did not like Barenboim’s recordin...

Most critics did not like Barenboim’s recordings of Beethoven’s thirty two piano sonatas when they were first released, finding fault with the extreme tempos, but I find them spontaneous and scintillating. There’s nothing I like more in music than a bit of thoughtful provocation, and there’s plenty of that here.

I get a big thrill from these performances although they would not be my first choice. There are moments when they are not well played, the pianist walking some extreme edge, passages not well articulated, as if what Beethoven wrote on the page meant little to the pianist.

Yet, despite the wrong rhythms and the glossed-over details, these recordings are appealing, and I will gladly place them next to my treasured Brendel and Giles.

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My composer portraits are now available on vario...

My composer portraits are now available on various products – I’ve been painting portraits of famous composers in acrylic inks and love how expressive the inks allow me to be. The consistent effect is somewhat similar to a woodcut, but in different colors.

My art is now for sale plastered on everything from pillows to clocks, and it’s all kind of crazy when I remind myself that I’ve been dabbling in art for less than two years.

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The Crucible Audiobook

The Caedmon LP CoverThe Caedmon LP Cover

This is a full-cast performance featuring Robert Foxworth, Pamela Payton-Wright, Stuart Pankin, and Jerome Dempsey and cast. I use this full audio recording of The Crucible in my classroom and intend no copyright infringement. It’s for educational purposes only.

It was produced by The Repertory Theatre of Lincoln Center (under the direction of Jules Irving and Robert Symonds) and directed by John Berry.

Act One

Act Two

Act Three

Act Four


The Caedmon LP CoverThe Caedmon LP Cover

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