Anthony Burgess’s Journalism

One of the wonders of the Internet is that if someone has something you want, you can probably get it. For example, I have been trying to secure a copy of Anthony Burgess’s journalism and collected essays, a volume entitled Homage to Qwert Yuiop. The book is way too expensive through US sites such as […]

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A Woodstock Christmas Letter

It’s been a few years since Sandy and I wrote a Christmas letter to friends and family. This year, since I’ve rekindled my interest in typewriters, I decided to type what she wrote on my Woodstock No. 5, a typewriter I was introduced to via a short film about the British astronomer Patrick Moore, who had a fondness for this old machine.

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Beethoven Piano Concertos: Nos. 1–5 • Richard Goode, Iván Fischer

Iván Fischer’s Budapest Festival Orchestra plays with all the energy and power necessary to turn in spectacular performances of these Beethoven concertos. Richard Goode’s playing suits Fischer’s approach, and these two gifted musicians give us one of the most lyrical and powerful interpretations of the five piano concertos in the current catalogue. What separates these recordings from others that I admire — Rudolf Serkin’s clarity and precision and Murray Perahia’s thoughtful probity — is their unadulterated brio.

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Bruckner Symphony No. 5 – Günter Wand

From the start of this thrilling and majestic live performance, we know that we are in far fine fettle. My initial and continuing assessment is that Günter Wänd’s Bruckner Fifth for RCA Victor Red Seal belongs to the upper echelons of Bruckner Fifths.

The first measures stretch with emotion, almost like a dirge or church hymn. Particularly appealing are the string tremolos that anticipate the main theme and are fraught with emotion. And it’s this emotion that unlocks the measure of the riddle of this symphony, for the greatest moments in Bruckner’s music are private and internal — the mindscape of a deeply spiritual man almost medieval by nature and out of step with his times.

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